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Tree Planting Guide

This guide includes an introduction on why planting tress is one way to fight global warming as well as a timeline for planting your own tree or one from the Our World Shop.


The activity is free to download! It has active links and is editable if you'd like to complete it electronically or can be printed for use in a classroom or at home. A great start for anyone interested in hands-on learning about how they can particiapte in taking better care of our planet as we try to reduce the impact of climate change.


The timeline includes recommended lessons to complete in the Academy while you wait for your tree to sprout. An in-depth planner for education at home or in the classroom about planting trees and the benefits trees offer for the environment. Students are encouraged to complete a survey about how they feel about climate change before and after they plant their tree and complete lessons in the Academy. This activity guide includes weeks of recommended lessons about climate change, including the benefits of planting trees, the basics climate science, and information about the water cycle and carbon cycle.

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