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Custom Tree Order
Interested in a group order? Fantastic! Trees grow better in a forest after all. Select this order and we'll email you to get the details of your order. 

We do our best to fulfill custom tree orders, which is why we don't have a quantity listed here. We do have a minimum order size since we're not inventory wizards, though, which is 20 trees. The $1 will go towards your final order amount. Once you make this purchase, we'll email you in order to get the full details on your desired order, including tree type and amount. 


We work with a tree kit wholesaler to send a variety of tree species across the US*! You'll be able to choose from beautiful and wonderful species, including Dogwood, Cherry, Sequoia, Redwood, and more! When you select this option, we'll email you with a list of available inventory. A great order for a class or for a neighborhood. After receiving your tree kits, you'll be able to register your trees on our website and track how much carbon dioxide they remove from the atmosphere.

*We are not currently delivering internationally. 

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