Climate Action Supplies
Tools for turning climate education into climate action!
We’ve worked with climate education and sustainability experts to create learning materials that help students learn about climate change and connect with the environment.
Tree Planting Guide

This guide includes an introduction on why planting tress is one way to fight global warming as well as a timeline for planting your own tree or one from the Our World Shop.

Draw Your Carbon Footprint
Learn about what choices contribute to your carbon footprint. Students draw the items, calculate the impact on their footprint, and then reflect on how they can reduce their carbon impact.
Custom Tree Order
Interested in a group order? Fantastic! Trees grow better in a forest after all. Select this order and we'll email you to get the details of your order. 
Balsam Fir Grow Kit
Celebrate the holidays any time of year by planting a beautiful Christmas tree! You'll be decorating your home grown tree in no time.
Tree Twins (Giant Sequoia)
Trees grow better together, after all. And two trees means twice as much carbon capture! 
Giant Sequoia Grow Kit
Everything you need to bring the world's largest tree to your home! Just add water (and patience).
My Tree & Me eBook
Join Sarah as she tries to enlist the help of her class to take care of the planet in the first book of the Climate Heroes series.
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