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Planting trees in SE Asia

Conserve Natural Forests (CNF) is an environmental non-profit foundation focused on forest restoration and wildlife conservation in the Mae Hong Son Province of Northern Thailand. Since 2014, we have dedicated ourselves to preserving and enriching ecosystem balance and function, restoring degraded landscapes, and reintroducing endangered species to their natural habitat.
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Support Healthy Trees and Trunks!

CNF’s original project site, located a few kilometres south of Pai, includes its tree nursery, demonstration forest, and organic farm. The land also functions as a semi-wild rehabilitation site for a number of endangered species, including birds, tortoises, and the Asian elephant. CNF’s projects would not be possible without the invaluable support of the local community and Thai government.
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What can we do?

A little goes a long way, especially with planting trees. Reforestation projects help remove carbon from the atmosphere and provide food and habitat for local animals. By supporting these efforts, we can help protect ecosystems that are really important for both the health of local communities and the environmental health of the whole world.
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