Wourld Mission

We want to connect everyone with their impact and ability to make a difference for our world. We've developed a climate education program that helps students learn about the opportunities, challenges, and applications of common climate change solutions. We have lessons about planting trees, wind energy, solar energy, and more! All of the lessons are based on the idea that students can bring these climate change solutions to their communities. We also offer activities and educations kits as climate action supplies for students, families, and classrooms to add to their climate education programs.
The Academy:

The heart of our climate change education platform! We’ve worked with climate experts and teachers to make solutions and prepare to bring them to their community. Get Started

The Forest:

We want everyone on our platform to know how strong we are as a community. In the Forest, we showcase how many trees we’ve all planted, the amount of carbon dioxide we’ve removed from the atmosphere, and the outstanding efforts of members making a difference in the fight against climate change.

Our Projects:

In order to make a difference where it matters most, we’ve identified successful reforestation projects around the world. Planting trees in your neighborhood is great, but there are other neighborhoods (like tropical rainforests) where it makes a bigger difference.

Climate Action Supplies:

We’ve created downloadable activities and education kits to help the climate change lessons in the Academy come to life. We hope that the resources here not only help students, families, and classrooms understand the different climate change solutions better, but also help them participate in those solutions in real life.

Wourld Achievements

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